Five facts you didn’t know about climate change


5 things you didn’t know about sustainability Sustainability is the core foundation of life yet to come. As it is with education it is bitter while you do it but the rewards are sweet. For many of us it’s hard to see why we have to become sustainable, even after we have been bombarded with grim news of climate change. The majority of the population still thinks that climate change is just a farce. – Unfortunately it’s not. One person doesn’t make a difference It’s true one person doesn’t really make a difference in acting sustainable, but a 100 million do. After all it’s a mind set and once we accept the fact that sustainability is the only way to reverse climate change; the rest will fall in to place.  The truth is, we always believed that someone will bail us out of this vicious cycle even if that is the next generation will environmental problems someone will bail us outeven 50 years ago, we knew that fossil fuels were bad for the environment.


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