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You are the last generation to reverse climate Change!

No Pressure 🙂

Join our community of visionaries offering smart solutions, opportunities and innovations to solve the world’s problems.


Climate change will affect everyone! It will have a severe impact on many other existing world issues, too. However, it will hit the poorest people first. Here are some facts that could spiral out of control:

Malnutrition: 1 in 9 people suffer world wide

Sanitation: 1 billion people have no access to clean water

Deforestation: 100 species and faunas go extinct every day never to come back again

Infectious diseases: will increase due to global warming.

Warming Oceans: We have a 50% chance that all Oceans will be fish-less by 2050

Cows produces more greenhouse gases than all cars on the road combined

These are just the tip of the iceberg (and they are melting too)


Smart sustainable solutions, innovations and opportunities of visionaries that have an interest in a safer, greener and healthier future.

Problems to solve: Renewable energy, food security, sustainable agriculture, clean oceans, waste management, equality for all and sustainable architecture. Just to mention a few.

Ideas for projects to get involved: Study abroad, build a school in Africa, become a volunteer, start an Eco blog, develop an energy savings guide for your school or workplace, etc. Be creative and get involved. It’s your world, too!


A world community of concerned citizen driving momentum to the best solutions and talents by voting on three key aspects:




We connect the most promising ideas, innovations and talents to our community of business leaders, partners and supporters.


There is a leader in all of us, but only you decide to bring that leader alive.

We envision a world without hunger, hate, racism and pollution. If you share our vision, we would love to hear from you. Cool Momentum supports visionaries who have the courage to lead or volunteer one project at a time.


Many of us live life in a bubble. We are concerned with personal issues and how we can attain riches, faster. But are we happy? According to most studies – we aren’t.

So we suggest we need an attitude change – no offense – towards career choices as well as personal decisions we make. You have seen the world issues listed above. There are plenty of opportunities to help or even build a career around it. Check out our resources. Once you have found a way to help others, you’ll feel content even happy. That’s what we call a Cool Momentum! Just food for thought.

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of something Bigger.

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First they ignore you, than they laugh at you, than they fight you, then you win.

Mahatma Gandhi


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The facts:

Percentage of humans worldwide who suffer from malnutrition
People who don't have access to clean water worldwide
Chances our oceans will be fish-less by 2050
Amount of pollution that beef produces equals that of all cars
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