Carbon Sequestration will reduce global warming

The concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is getting stronger day by day due to daily activities and fossil fuel usages. Climate change is a serious issue which needs immediate action. We need to reduce global warming to make our earth a living place for all of us. We are responsible for the changing climate and need to protect our future generations by taking care of our environment.

Our project is   Ecovert Bamboo Limited sequester carbon one billion ton

We are cultivating Bamboo to sequester carbon to a grand scale in a rural side in India. The biomass of the bamboo is used to produce renewable energy. The electricity produced by biomass will be supplied to rural villages, some 20 cores of people will benefit out of this project. It will give economic freedom to the villagers.

Our project will lift the lifestyle of villagers to a better level.

We will produce bamboo in two thousand acres in every district to produce 10 MW of power. In the southern part of India, we will produce around 150 MW of power using bamboo biomass; This project will lift the lifestyle of villagers to a better level.

Bamboo captures more carbon dioxide than any other plants and releases more oxygen in the atmosphere.One bamboo can capture 420 kgs of carbon dioxide and releases 380 kgs of oxygen into the air.

Carbon sequestration through cultivating bamboo trees

Large-scale Carbon Sequestration around the world will reduce global warming. This is the only way to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere we need to bring the CO2 level back to 250 ppm to protect our human race and our planet.

Ecovert is looking for partners – associates – collaborators – shareholders, investors, etc. Please contact us through the profile below. Anba Zhagan

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