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Top Ten Coolest Algae-Powered Innovations For Sustainable Power

Prevent climate change through water conservation is part t

  If you thought algae is just a parasitic growth of weed on the surface of the water, think again. It is a strong source of power that can light up an entire city. With the sustainable development movement hitting all countries in the world, many have started experimenting with technology. Scientists pursuing the possibility of…

Aequorea – A Fascinating Floating Ocean City of Tomorrow


  Aequorea – A Fascinating Waterworld Aequorea – a name to remember. Just imagine a futuristic looking underwater Ocean-city off the coast of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Build entirely from 3D printed algoplast, a composite material, which is a mixture of recycled plastics and algae. Life on this super unique underwater ocean-city is very different from what we traditionally know.…

How green architecture is shaping our future

Green architecture at its best AEQUOREA an Oceanscraper

  Precisely what is green architecture, and is it really shaping our future? When I look at renderings from Vincent Callebaut, a Belgium Architect, I am amazed. I can picture how future generations will live. We already see green architectural projects all over the world; They represent an approach to building that has been growing…