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Here’s why we need to act on climate change

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Al Gore – It’s not too late to reverse climate change

Al Gore - Why we shouldn't give up hope

Al Gore “Why we shouldn’t give up hope” News about climate change is most frequently filled with despair, gloominess, and denial. This will make many people unwilling to listen to or talk about it. “It’s Okay To Be Smart” Host Joe Hanson, Ph.D. asked former Vice President Al Gore to help find another way to…

7 practical ways to make the climate movement a success

Climate movement and the melting of antartic

  Why the Climate Movement is so important We are in a critical time of the climate movement; this may sound cheesy to you, but soon we will be at a point of no return when it comes to our climate. Mother earth needs your help. President Trump has begun withdrawing the US from…

The US pulls out of the Paris Climate Agreement in an historic & disappointing move.


US President Trump pulls out of the Paris climate agreement while his closest supporters applause him. A reckless, selfish and indefensible move with no regards to our planet and it’s people. It is unfortunate that one man can convince so many people to pull out of the Paris Climate agreement. A statement by Al Gore on…

Capturing local cultures’ struggle with climate change.

Climate change is a reality that is already being felt worldwide. Ironically, it are often the most remote indigenous communities, far removed from the industrial countries that are emitting the bulk of greenhouse gases, that first experience large shifts in the climate they depend on, and that see their way of life threatened. In the…

People’s Climate March Expected To Be The Largest Climate Movement In History

Peoples Climate March

In 2014 tens of thousands of people flooded the streets of New York City for the People’s Climate March. The occasion came as world leaders were assembling for a United Nations summit focused on climate activity toward what would become a landmark treaty the following year in Paris to collectively combat global warming, and as…