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Contribute your ideas to a sustainable future has incredible benefits.  Not only will it speed up the process from idea to actual implementation of a sustainable project; it will engage an entire audience interested in your innovative thinking. Richard Branson is convinced that Climate change offers one of the greatest opportunities for this world. Peter Diamandis believes that the current world problems not only offer an incredible financial opportunity for innovators and entrepreneurs but a positive change that will touch a billion people or more.

Only 2.7% of all technology patents are filed for environmental innovations according to the economic forum. This is where our opportunity lies to make a difference when it comes to sustainability. The sky is the limit for innovative projects. Yet we cannot forget why we are coming up with solutions that will ultimately change the way we live, and it should start with “Why”.

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1) Start with “why” and create the beginning of something good

Simon Sinek wrote in his famous book: “Start With Why” So we began with “why” when we created Cool Momentum. We believe that helping others by providing solutions to a particular concern or problem can bring happiness to both the one who has provided support as well as the one who was helped. It is a feeling that is contagious, as it can radiate through to those who are involved. A win-win situation where everyone is happy, that’s what Cool Momentum is all about.

But it all starts with one of us coming up with an idea to help. To solve the world’s problems, we have to become the driving force of positive change. It starts by being a leader in our community. You don’t have to be a millionaire, or a CEO, or to be famous to be a leader.

The role of a leader is not to come up with all the great ideas. The role of a leader is to create an environment in which great ideas can happen.
― Simon SinekStart with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

The kitchen helper at McDonald’s who, after work, spends time with sick children in a local hospital, is a real leader. Look for opportunities to help in your neighborhood, that in turn will inspire people around you.

Fruit picking project


Not Far From The Tree is a perfect example of how one person started a project that grew into a 2000-plus volunteer operation. It is OK to start small; the important point is that we start.

2) The final goal is to achieve a sustainable environment

The UN created the sustainable development goals to fight poverty, create better education, and act on climate science to name just a few; of the 17 goals in total. It is an ambitious undertaking to end hunger, protect the planet and ensure the prosperity and well-being of all humans.



We already see changes in weather patterns, sea levels and an increase in extreme storms. If we ignore climate change, all other world problems could become out of control, and this will affect the poor first.


Take a minute to watch our one-minute video and see why it is so important to take climate change seriously.

3) Our best chance to achieve a sustainable future is by investing in and empowering our youngest generation.

The generation to make this happen is our Millennials. Good leaders are in demand, especially those who come up with projects that result in a sustainable environment. We need leaders who want to make a difference in this world, benefiting all people and not just a few. However, the greatest opportunity most likely lies in the hand of our generation Z. International Youth Day, created by the UN and celebrated every year on August 12th, is one avenue to support our youngest generation.

On the other hand, we are faced with the largest generation of young people in human history, another generation, in turn, follows that. Even worse, these young people called generation Z are faced the with the worst unemployment crisis in history, with an astonishing 70+ million young people around the world currently looking for work. However, there lies our opportunity. Contribute your ideas and projects to CoolMomentum so others will benefit from it.

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Contribute to Cool Momentum today and connect with an audience that cares.  

Since 1990 the International Youth Foundation (IYF) has taught young people how to live healthy and productive lives. With more than 1.3 billion young people in this world, there is great potential for a beautiful, safe and sustainable future.

We encourage project leaders, innovators, humanitarian organizers and idealists to broadcast their experiences, needs and wants on Cool Momentum. We will connect you with the audience you deserve.

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Cool Momentum is a contributor web page full of ideas and visions. It is an open venue for visionaries who have the same aim: to create sustainable solutions for the future. We cater to a wide range of characters who are willing to share and upload any of their projects, ideas, and innovations for the entire world to see.

Personalities such as entrepreneurs, humanitarian project leaders, eco-bloggers, and idealists are some of the people who have uploaded content to our site, though we are open to anyone who has the same vision of finding and providing sustainable solutions for a better future. We are receptive to content such as (but not limited to) blogs, projects, innovations, lists or even memes.

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating compelling content on Cool Momentum.

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