Source: Futurism  & ScienceAlert

A “Life Preservation Project”

For the first time in history, a female body has been cryogenically frozen. When Zhan Wenlian died from lung cancer at the age of 49 her husband, Gui Junmin, “volunteered” her for the cryonics procedure. The husband donated her body to science to “give back to society.

The Meaning of Cryogenically Freezing

According to Truththerory,  cryonics is all about timing. Additionally, the term “freezing” is somewhat misleading, as what actually happens is a rapid cooling process that keeps the body preserved in a chemical cocktail of preservatives and antifreeze agents.

The goal is to keep the body in a stable state where it won’t decay as well as won’t suffer damage from being stored at low temperatures (quite possibly for a long period of time). This process is what happened to Wenlian’s body.

To live and let die

The purpose of cryogenically freezing is to preserve a terminally sick person over a long period of time, until the medicine has been found, to cure this person. Up to this day, it has not been achieved – yet.
Some scientists say that one day it will be possible to reverse death. Whether or not this method is accepted by the general public as moral, it is definitely an interesting field to watch.