Why we need to act on global warming

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Why do we need to act on global warming?

Because the earth is getting warmer! Only we can change it.

97% of scientists cannot be wrong about climate change!

50% Chance are our oceans become fish-less by 2050

800 million people suffer from malnutrition already!

One billion people have no access to clean water.

Why it's Urgent?

Because it’s unsustainable.

  • 100 species of flora and fauna to extinct daily due to deforestation

  • Carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere are the highest in 2.5 million years!

  • Melting of glaciers and polar ice caps causes sea levels to rise, which could create millions of refugees!

  • More viruses like zika and bird flue could arise due to global warming

We Know You Care

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Get involved, so future generations will enjoy the world as we do now.

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