How one project contributes to a sustainable environment

To make a difference in this world, you just have to look in your neighborhood, maybe even in your backyard. Laura Reinsborough, the founder of Not Far From The Tree, is one of those people, who did just that.

She created the Toronto-based fruit picking project. The organization is based on three key principles; the nature of sharing, the desire to give back to the community, and a fire for a sustainable living.

The town of Toronto, which has an abundance of fruit trees growing a multitude of fresh, crisp fruits. A lot of these fruits don’t get picked and are left to rot where it, unfortunately, falls on the ground instead of being eaten. This is where Not Far From The Tree comes in with a brilliant sustainable solution.


From 3000 lbs to 150,000 lbs of saved fruits

Not far from the tree project creates a sustainable environment


Fruit tree owners who are not able to pick their fruit can register their trees. Not Far From The Tree then organizes groups of volunteers to collect fruit from these trees.

The harvest is split in three ways. One-third goes to the tree owner, one-third is shared among the volunteers, and the rest delivered to local shelters, community kitchens, and food banks.”

Since 2008 the project has been a bright and hopeful solution to Toronto’s surplus of local fruit. In their first year, they harvested over three-thousand pounds of fruit. However, that number has grown to almost 150,000 pounds. Close to 2000 trees are on record with the organization, which has mobilized more than two thousand volunteers.

Laura Reinsborough and her organization have been recognized with numerous awards for her work, such as the Green Toronto Award, Women of the Earth Award just to name a few as well as an invitation to speak at TEDxToronto.


Not Far From The Tree’s contribution to help within a community is a perfect example of how a sustainable environment comes to life! A project such as this doesn’t have to be complicated or thousands of miles away. All it takes is an idea, the desire to contribute and the courage to start.

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