In 2014 tens of thousands of people flooded the streets of New York City for the People’s Climate March. The occasion came as world leaders were assembling for a United Nations summit focused on climate activity toward what would become a landmark treaty the following year in Paris to collectively combat global warming, and as nations around the globe were moving.

The People’s Climate March (PCM) was a large-scale activist event to advocate international action against climate change, which happened on Sunday, September 21, 2014, in New York. Along with a string of companion activities worldwide, a lot of which also took the name People’s Climate March. With an estimated 300,000 participants, New York’s event was the largest climate change march in history.

Three years later the people’s climate march is a huge global movement

This Saturday when millions of demonstrators make their way to Washington as well as other cities for a replication of the 2014 People’s Climate March — which is coincidentally Presidents Trump’s hundreds day in office.

The Trump administration has promised to reduce Obama’s environmental protections, loosen the fossil fuel regulations and possibly to withdraw from the Paris climate
arrangement — the mood is likely to be more contentious.

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A danger to mother earth and the health and prosperity of all.

If the policies he suggested in his campaign are enforced, they decimate our occupations and livelihoods. They will ultimately destroy our climate, and undermine the civil rights that everyone is entitled to.

We believe that at this moment; it’s important to put forward an alternative vision that inspires and unites a nation. We should show that more people believe in our shared vision for a sustainable future than in Donald Trump’s.

The only way to pull off this movement is the mobilization of as many people possible to show this administration that climate science is real.

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